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Boho Oasis Hostel

Oliwia Strzębska & Natalia Szydłowska

The plot with an area of 1,9 ha that we chose for our hostel is located in Niewiesz, Poland. It's a peaceful village not far from a larger city, next to an artificial lake. The reservoir was created by flooding the sand mining excavation in 1970. It's a popular place for many people due to its beautiful beach and clean water. Inspired by bohemian design and lifestyle, we decided to design a hostel with a homey and open-minded atmosphere.

We designed a single-story hostel with organic shapes, using wood as the facade material and roof covering. We were focused on ecological aspects, so we installed a retention tank to the south and concealed gutters for the aesthetics of our project. Both the main building and cottages are oriented towards the south to make the most of natural daylight.

On one half of the circle, we designed a restaurant that can accommodate 40 people. The restaurant serves as a dining area, a place for integration and meetings for hostel guests and outsiders. The main goal was to create a space for socializing and shared meals, hence the large round tables for 8 or 6 people. On the other half of the circle, we designed a stage for dance and music performances. In the other part of the circle, we created a painting studio and a tailoring workshop. The entire equipment in these rooms is freestanding, allowing for flexible use, and the workshop walls are prepared for painting by guests, so that everyone can leave behind an artistic expression.

When selecting these activities, we were inspired by Silesian culture, which is known for its dances, songs, and folk costumes. Outside, we designed a common area for practicing yoga, communal grilling and an orchard that everyone could use to feel at home.

We designed three types of cottages. The hostel has 19 cottages . We organized rooms in the form of houses with shared kitchens and bathrooms for houses with single and multi-person rooms. The third type of cottage is an apartment cottage for two people. Thematic apartments are available in three variations: jungle room (which is visible on board numer 3), cave room, and ocean room. The entire facility as well as the ground floor part of the cottages is adapted for people with disabilities.

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