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Breathing of Bauhaus movement

Jaswant Rao

Bauhaus style which began in 1919 and lived over 100yrs and even today it breath in every part of the world, in the field of architecture, art, craft, product design and digital marketing.

Bauhaus a movement which started to promote artist and their underrated art, and also welcomed many people who wanted to learn this art. Because of Bauhaus movement world got many great artists “Oskar schlemmer and lothar schreyer”. The movement which was started by Walter Gropius, faced many barriers but as we say “there is no victory without a battle”. The vision, the thought of Gropius survived through every political barrier and emerged as victories.

Today it is all across the world, given a new definition of architecture style and art. And inspired millions of minds to express themselves in in simple and abstract way.

Coming to my mood board, which I have made to represent my understanding and observation of Bauhaus movement. It incorporates, the work of Bauhaus movement which shows the different art and art forms considered during those days.

When we see architecture building which comes under Bauhaus style, they are having really a simple geometry in there planning and also allows free falling space , which allow user to perform different activity in same space which increase the functionality of particular space. And that the reason why this style is so practise and emerged as best example of “form follows function”

Coming to colour scheme which is used in Bauhaus Using primary colour (red, yellow and blue) it not only creates a balance view which is aesthetically appealing but also highlight different feature equally in one structure. There are structures, whose material is fully exposed, and that allows material to have its natural movement and enable to show its natural colour and texture which make the structure even more aesthetically appealing and stand out. This particular technique is now used all over the world. The style in which buildings are not ornamented but allowed to show it’s real beauty and elegance to stand out.

Now a day people are so brandy, but these brands, their logo and even their product are somewhere inspired by Bauhaus style, lettering used in their brand name are taken from Bauhaus movement I started this page with the title saying “breathing of Bauhaus movement”. I hope after reading this you will able to hear that sound of breath in every corner of the world and see the that, how Bauhaus movement became the Bauhaus style, which followed by world.

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