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Bubbles of Mind

Yirun Li

From January to April 2022, a new crown epidemic broke out in Shanghai, China. The city government adopted tough control measures, and all citizens entered the isolation process. During the epidemic, Shanghai's economy declined and people's health suffered; however, the damage caused by the epidemic did not stop there. Not only the infected were affected; from the top decision-makers to the bottom citizens, everyone was involved in the secondary disaster of lockdown:

Decision makers lose empathy in high-speed operation and make wrong decisions that hurt citizens;
Medical staff bear huge responsibilities and are physically and mentally exhausted in high-pressure work;
Community volunteers feel overwhelmed by the chaos;
Residents are trapped at home for a long time, their life is difficult to be guaranteed, and their psychology is facing imbalance;
Migrant workers are displaced and unable to obtain living security.

Although this disaster has passed, people's psychology still needs to be repaired, and the lessons of this time still need to be remembered. Through the psychological classification of various groups involved in the epidemic, 12 psychological archetypes were obtained; thisarchitecture designed different healing spaces for each psychological archetype; at the same time, they were connected with larger spaces for communication and commemoration. A corridor surrounds the entire site, connecting all spaces to each other and connecting people's hearts to each other. The whole program is a sanctuary for everyone's soul and a memorial for collective pain. It will continue to heal people's hearts in the post-pandemic era.

People will enter an underground fantasy space that defies the rules of physics. This architecture simply designs space and sets functions based on the psychological needs of different people, so that people can get the maximum psychological healing experience from it. After a process of self-healing, group communication, and collective remembrance, people will return to the ground with peace in mind.

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