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City Wake

Ruxin Ji, Xiner Li

Russell's two-dimensional theory of emotion suggests that emotion can be understood in terms of two dimensions, emotional potency, which represents the positive and negative aspects of emotion, and emotional arousal, which represents the degree of intensity. Arousal refers to the level of arousal from excitement to calmness, specifically high arousal levels such as arousal and alertness and low arousal levels such as sleep and relaxation.

The "Valence-Arousal" model developed by Russell et al. was used to measure the mood level. These two dimensions do not exist separately, but can be used as main axes to form a circular two-dimensional relationship.

Based on the above theory, we chose the city streets of Qingdao as the design scope, including Zhongshan Road and Shandong Road, the main roads of the city, which represent the texture space of the old and new neighborhoods respectively, to show the emotional changes of different people in the spatial evolution of the two streets with different characteristics as the city develops.

For this purpose, we set specific emotional categories based on different emotional intensity and pleasantness, including activation, joy, comfort, tension, distress, and boredom, which are distinguished by different colors. The new spaces were created using different basic archetypes to respond to the different emotions and characteristics of the plots. These sites include educational, cultural, medical, commercial, residential and office.

Nodes of healing that represent different spatial and emotional relationships are placed in the different texture of the blocks - the upper layer of the ground is modestly placed in the entrance of the basic archetypal spaces, and the lower layer is a multifaceted composite of the basic archetypal spaces that buffer people's emotions. The ultimate goal is to heal the emotions of the plot and the whole neighborhood with points, to achieve the emotional health of the neighborhood and its people, and to keep the whole city healthy and vibrant in its development.

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