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Civilian Wonderland

Wenli Wei, Veldesen Yaputra & Ke Tang

The site is beside Bodu Port (Chegou River Section) in Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China. Initially, it was a narrow, messy, dilapidated passage, 23 meters long and 4-5 meters wide. The surrounding area is a typical residential area for civilians.

The plan aims to create a public open space for local low-income residents away from the cramped living environment, making it fun, exciting and relaxing like a wonderland, but without losing a sense of intimacy. It promotes public communication and activities among residents and becomes an opportunity to stimulate the local economy.
The design starts from the field survey of civilians’ daily living space and goes deep into every space and corner of ordinary residents’ homes. The most authentic and original information is obtained through measurement, shooting, video, questionnaires, etc. Examine the relationship and logic of its living space’s scale, proportion, form, and combination, as well as the behavior and habits of the individuals who live there. We combine the data processing and use a set of Space syntax techniques to analyze spatial layouts and human activity patterns in buildings and urban environments. It is refined, translated, and abstracted into four fundamental unit space models, from which the units are merged into 12 combined space models based on their organizational logic. Then, based on the site’s individual characteristics, these space models are further reset and structured according to the internal organizational logic, resulting in a space experience and function that not only corresponds to civilians’ everyday lives but is also full of surprises.

Through numerous spatial interactions and activities, the design concept makes the previously restricted venue adaptable and comfortable. Make the most of the abundant local rainfall by creating vertical rainwater and botanical gardens with vertical green irrigation. It also serves as a basis for area primary school kids to learn about plants and ecology and a place for hometown.

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