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Lv Daliang, Zheng SiYu & Deng DaoJiao

In the primitive society, due to the backward technology, the group had a clear division of labor, cooperated with each other and shared food. In the feudal society, the social hierarchy was strict, and people were oppressed and enslaved seriously. In socialism, the future will be the world belonging to the people. In the future, social science and technology will develop to a certain level, and the crowd will adopt a new life mode. The fast-paced life mode improves the demand of the crowd, and the trust between people will reach a maximum value. Therefore, we put forward a life mode based on the concept of sharing: all functions can be reused and recycled efficiently, and the concept of sharing and living are combined to solve the problem of housing shortage in the future. So we gave the house a flying functional building.

Design description: The design is located in Shanghai, China, and imagines what our house will look like after 2121. The source of inspiration for the design is dandelion. Dandelion has strong adaptability to the environment and strong vitality. Dandelion seeds are generally spread with the wind, no matter where the wind brings the dandelion seeds, the seeds can take root and germinate. It's like home after growing up. Freed from dependence on the hometown, fluttered with the wind, came to a place suitable for oneself, and Schengen sprouted.

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