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Xuantong H

Shanhaijing is a beautiful Utopian imagination in Chinese cultural tradition. It contains many contents about ancient geography, history, mythology, astronomy, animals, plants, medicine, religion, anthropology, ethnology, oceanography and the history of science and technology. It records the living conditions and people's ideological activities during the great famine, outlines the civilization and cultural state of ancient times, is an encyclopedia of ancient social life, and provides a lot of useful information for future generations.

In the world of Shanhaijing, people can pursue the freedom they desire, repose their boundless imagination, and temporarily forget the troubles and depression in reality. Shanhaijing culture is like a string of ancient codes, which mysteriously connects ancient and modern times. For example, the human gods, birds and animals, and plants mentioned in the book can still be found in contemporary times, and behind these concrete things are the romanticism and profound philosophical thoughts of traditional Chinese philosophy.

This design hopes to create a Chinese version of the dreamy underground city of "Alice in Wonderland" through the connection of Shanhaijing culture. By extracting the elements of the exotic animals and plants in Shanhaijing, combined with Chinese traditional culture and the sustenance of a better life, we can create an underground world for all people to eliminate all kinds of pressures of life. The way to enter the dreamy underground world is also divided into five different entrances by people, aiming at the different life pressures of five different people. The huge underground world is quite different from the tense life on the ground. In the underground healing world, people can enter the world of Shanhaijing through continuous exploration, relieve the pressure in the exploration, and finally feel the wisdom and thoughts of the ancients in the great Chinese culture and the enduring cultural classics Shanhaijing while their hearts are healed.

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