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Ecological Regeneration Community

Zhurong Zhang

The site of the project is located on the northwest coast of Venice. Through a preliminary study of the local culture and the existing living environment in Venice, it was found that Venice has a high population density and the city is crowded. As a result, there is a lack of public space and greenery in Venice. Therefore, the project will focus on solving the problem of high population density and urban congestion.

After summarizing and analyzing the original building types in Venice, the typology of Venice buildings is divided into four main types --- surround-shape, I-shape, L-shape, and U-shape. The surround shape, as a common typology in Venice, becomes the focal point of this project. In the design process, the surround-shape building is divided, rotated, and extended vertically, presenting an open building form to enhance the connection between the residents and the outside natural environment. The main shape of the whole building is a circular arc according to the water flow characteristics, echoing the surrounding environment and giving people a soft feeling.

The overall plan layout presents a transformation from an old town to a new community, with the density of the community changing from dense to loose. The better use of water traffic increases the gap between buildings, giving the residents a more open living environment. In particular, a coastal public space is created along the coast, providing the Venetians with various functional buildings and better public facilities, such as a seaside library and a skate park.

Green roofs and floating gardens as biophilic approaches improve the ecological environment of the Venetian landscape to a certain extent and provide sufficient public space for recreation. The floating gardens visually strengthen the connection between the living space and the ecological environment and better improve the quality of life of the residents.

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