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Ninvin Chackalackal, Paul B & Aravind Santhosh

Eka (One/Unique) is an attempt at redefining the public toilet system, with particular application in KSRTC Bus Stations in Kerala, India. The project aims to provide apt solutions for issues commonly observed in most public toilets: poor hygiene and sanitation, improper drainage, limited visibility and lack of differently-abled access. These persist in part due to social conditioning of the users, as one is less likely to maintain a public facility if they find it to be in a scanty condition initially.
Eka is an experimental toilet system that relies on each user for its function and maintenance. It places the toilet pod in an open setting, such that the user can be seen entering and exiting it, forcing them to be cautious of their activities inside.
It utilizes a solar powered pneumatic wall system that is activated at the time of use through sensors. Perforated sheet flooring ensures proper drainage and cleanliness, through which wastewater and rainwater can be collected together for treatment. It also features a specific angled mirror such that the user can stay aware of their surroundings.
Each individual cell is 2.8m in diameter and 3m in height, which can be installed in groups to fit the needs and availability of space in each site. Passive lighting and ventilation are provided through wooden louvers in the wall. These walls act as canvases for public art and awareness.
The units are non-gender specific and are accessible to differently-abled users. Eka intends to create a new culture and perspective towards public toilet systems and their maintenance. It essentially shoulders responsibility to each user to take care of their own mess.

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