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Emotions on Narrative Temple Museum

Jonathan Timotius

From a question, what if we combine such a complex Temple Museum with Narrative Approach with different emotions based on different stories??

Prambanan Compound Temples is one of Indonesia's World Heritage listed on UNESCO because it has Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) I and IV. Located in the Prambanan District, East Sleman, Yogyakarta, it consists of 4 temples [Prambanan (Wisnu, Siwa and Brahma temple), Sewu, Bubrah and Lumbung]out of 16 temples within the Prambanan-Ratu Boko National Tourism Strategic Area (NTSA).

The problem is that there is no museumas a place to store artifacts in the NTSA area and the physical condition of the aging temples led to the idea of designing a museum. The aims are to protect and preserve the artifactsand act as a“gate” to introduce temples in that region. The site is next to the Prambanan temple in the west, integrated with 2 incoming rest areaprojects in the north and south, make it very strategic and the distances are the same from furthest temples.

The Yogyakarta National Temple Museum (YNTM) will take visitor into the journey with 14 stories where each temple has its own story that encompass Ancient Mataram realms (VII – X AD). The temple museum is designed with a technology-based Narrative Architecture approach, like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)to make an interactive exhibition which will increase visitor interaction and feedback as well as visitor's experiences.

The use of interactive technology is expected to change the image of the museum in Indonesia, which is old-fashioned, boring, and unkempt to become a museum that is fun for all ages. With the design of this museum, hoped that it will not only be a place to preserve the artifacts, but also be able to increase tourist and the local economy.

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