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Equinox House

Rani Wehbe & Mustapha El Moussaoui

The project presents a unique and sustainable small house design that seamlessly integrates nature and modern living. The core concept revolves around the preservation of an indigenous tree at the center of the house, symbolizing the harmony between nature and architecture. This tree serves a dual purpose, as its base also functions as a compost zone, accessible directly from the kitchen, allowing for organic waste to enrich the soil.
The interior of the house features a biosphere, facilitated by sponge-incorporated ceilings that maintain constant irrigation for interior plants. These ceilings also serve as rainwater collectors, directing the water to an interior well for repurification. The overall design of the house is a blend of classical and modern geometries, inspired by the sun's movement during the Spring Equinox.
From the North-Western perspective, the house showcases its transformation from a traditional structure to a contemporary form. The flat roof of the bedroom collects rainwater, which is then transported to the central water well for purification. The WC is designed to offer privacy while still incorporating the exterior through its facade.
The exterior skin is porous, providing ample sunlight for the greenhouse and vertical garden in the living room. This interior vertical garden is situated on the south-eastern facade and is primarily used for vegetable cultivation. A small, exterior chicken coop is placed underneath the house for protein access.
The bedroom, positioned on the highest level of the house, employs passive architectural design by accumulating heat from the lower levels to minimize the need for active heating appliances. An outdoor terrace extends from the house's geometry, accessible from both the living room and kitchen. The living room incorporates plants for consumption and decoration, creating a warm ambiance. PV panels are added to the western slope of the gable, providing electricity and shaded areas in the living space.
The main entrance on the northern facade leads to the kitchen and staircase to the upper bedrooms. The existing tree at the center of the house maintains its natural function as part of a seed dispersal and pollination network, providing a thriving environment for insects and birds. This innovative design fosters a symbiotic relationship between nature and modern living, promoting sustainability and ecological awareness.

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