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FD flexible and deformed HOUSE

Dingxuan Chen

Flexibility is a great thing because it makes it possible for people to accomplish more in small spaces. It can also make larger areas more compact and efficient when flexible design elements are used. For this reason, my MINIMAL DEWELLING's design emphasises the room's adaptability. I designed four models for a family of three to use in an area of roughly 4 by 5 metres. All of the furniture is standard size even though the house is small overall.

We are liberated from the visual pollution and clutter that extraordinary designs produce when architecture is minimalistic. Architecture values space and provides its occupants with quiet and tranquilly. I used modernism in the building's exterior design, and the minimalist style eliminated unnecessary ornamentation to give the structure a more streamlined appearance.

First, in order to accommodate the needs of a family of three, I partitioned the room into two areas with double beds by utilising a bed that can be moved in a vertical direction. Cabinets stand between the two of them. Cabinets subdivide the space available for use as a kitchen, and both the kitchen and the dining table are concealed within the cabinets themselves. Because the mother of this household works from home and the daughter studies at home, it is necessary for us to establish two separate study areas in the same house. There is a folding version of the cabinet, as well as a folding stool that can be concealed inside the cabinet. Once they are opened, the study area will become visible. A projection screen is hung at the foot of the bed so that it can be seen by everyone in the family. This is done so that everyone can be happier. By relocating the cabinet and making space in the living room, a family of three will have the ability to take advantage of the entertainment space together. There is both a storage closet and a shower just inside the front door of the house.

The adaptability of the space is illustrated through the use of these various perspective diagrams. The movement and deformation of the customised furniture results in a shift in the way the room is intended to be utilized.

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