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Funny Suicide

Phr khris̄t̒ keīyrti ṣ̄rī chāti

Check out the music piece by clicking the link below:

The endlessly terrifying melody is the starting point to present the contradiction between short-term happiness and fear. It recalled the concept of 'The Funny Suicide' that tells a story through the conflicting elements of the exhibition. by twisting the ordinary into distorted. There are feelings of guilt, abnormality, and fear, as the melody progress slowly but is full of paranoid sound elements. We chose to use GuilhermeBernardes's music to talk about Global Warming as an exhibition through sounds that satiric our current situation and question the beauty to raise awareness of the importance of time. Amid the sound of water droplets echoing through the cloaked room that stretched forward. We cannot know how long this path will be. There is no peak in the music. No bar changes or key changes, just a deep dive into the high-pitched, chilling sound coming from behind. As if sinking while still floating
Starting from the entrance that looks normal, but there is an unfamiliar plastic flower garden in front of the dark hole. Its purpose is to make visitors feel more like escaping from there than going inside, but as soon as entered, they will see a field of beautiful flowers and a huge upside-down ice pyramid with the soft rays of warm sunlight painting over the wall. No one knows what is behind the ice pyramid or stretched out to where. The only thing we can know is the field of flowers and sunlight in the foreground tempt us to believe that the background would be equally beautiful.
As the ice was doing its job, melting, and freezing them at the same time while time is running out slowly. The visitors will never know that the more they see the view behind, the more water floods, until it reaches the audience's seat. Those flower fields were still as bright as ever because they were just plastic flowers. Only people in the room who are drowning under the water unknowingly and finally they will see that there is only darkness stretching towards the emptiness in front of them. As if being ridiculed. There is no beautiful future they've been waiting for, just the darkness and nothingness.
The exit of the space is a declaration that there's nothing behind the ice pyramid. It can be seen while walking out of the exhibition along the long narrow corridor, forcing the visitors to walk into the darkness to get out of here.

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