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Grotto Habitat

Space Studio Chennai

concept is derived from an “shell turns into a shelter”. The shell which has a Slightly rounded and rhythmic (or) repeating pattern it grows in the numbers and through the variation in size and a rhythm shape was created. It can provide sunlight during the day, and the wavy surface redirects winds and dust. The main idea of the project is to build a self-sustainable habitat.
Functions and materials:
• The idea of caves above the ground with a thick layer of 3D printed exterior was used to develop this design to create a self-sustainable habitat in the Martian environment. The three important concerns in the martian’s environment are radiation, atmosphere and the life quality.
• concept aims to take advantage over the Mar’s environment with extreme low temperatures, dust storms and the unbreathable air. This helps limit the use of other materials by advantageously using the surrounding environment for its protection.
• The concept attempts to integrate new technologies ad natural geometric shape using the Regolith deposits with the Martian rocks and aims to creating something that doesn’t disturb the martian environment and is completely sustainable.
• Polyethylene polymers (made from carbon dioxide and hydrogen) as an alternative of glass will create a thinner protection from radiation, easier access to light and a potential to shield radiations.
• The design, consists of a technique built by pre-programmed robots. ¬The 3D printed shell made from regolith mix with martian rocks will shield the inside from radiation, while withstanding the high interior pressure of an earth-like environment. This layer aids in maintaining a steady temperature and guards against the Mars’s greater level of dust.
• The solar panels in the skylight will produce electricity help with the sustainability. And the Inflatable vessel with a compact & prefabricated interiors and furniture’s plays the interior layer.
• ¬¬To ensure the daily fresh supply of oxygen, it can attain from the plants and bacteria’s imported from the earth. Sunrays coming through the solar panel skylight will carry light all the way to the residence. The shell openings allow reflected daylight to penetrate into the interior spaces. In order to offer the feeling of being out in the open, indirect lightings is used as main factor even through the lighting on mars is less than that of earth.

Apart from the mars condition, plants will also grow in the atrium or skylight, allowing the residents to experience nature on every conditions. Plants can reduce stress and relax the inhabitants, while they also produce some of the nutrition for them. As the plant grows, some are used as food.

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