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Healing Hill

Zehra Ateş, Rasül Güngör, Emir Enbiya İşler, Esra Elüstü

Göbekli Tepe, often hailed as the world's First Temple, holds a significant place in history. Built 12,000 years ago near Örencik Village in Şanlıurfa, this remarkable site consists of approximately 20 limestone structures. These structures encompass a fascinating array of round and oval formations adorned with T-shaped pillars, standing as high as 5 meters. What sets Göbekli Tepe apart is its remarkable age, predating iconic landmarks such as the Malta temple, Stonehenge, and the Egyptian Pyramids by thousands of years. The site's intricate sculptures and artwork, created by ancient artisans, stand as a testament to their exceptional craftsmanship. Following a millennium of use, the temple was intentionally buried, symbolizing the significance of preservation and retreat. Göbekli Tepe remains an awe-inspiring testament to the ingenuity and cultural heritage of our ancient ancestors.

Göbeklitepe, known as the zero point of history, is the first structure and the first temple in the world, which was built before the settled life. Even before the Göbeklitepe ruins were found, the hill, which was frequently visited by the local people because it was believed to have a healing effect, seems to have a mystical power.

In Turkey, where the project land is located, there are frequent earthquakes and it is aimed to benefit from the cultural and mystical power of the place in the project, which is designed to work for people who are psychologically affected by this situation and have post-traumatic stress disorder.

Since it is seen that the effect of curvilinear forms on human psychology is positive, the ellipse form was used with the orientation given by the settlement on the hill. At the same time, this form, which gives the feeling of a gathering space, draws the users inside with its top cover that arouses curiosity from the outside. With the teachings of Zumthor, an atmosphere of space was tried to be created and a wooden cover was designed that allows both indoor and outdoor outdoor spaces to be formed from time to time.

The content program is designed to allow users to feel positive. In the project, which was designed with psychological support, art therapy, botanical garden, collective meditation, individual meditation, accommodation and cafeteria units, a new daily life routine was presented to people with positive units.

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