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"Hey Jude"

Hanwen Liang

This design proposal attempts to explore the intrinsic connection between music and architecture and the form-generating logic of mutual transformation between the two. In the process of conceptualization, the designer chose the song of the famous rock band The Beatles: "Hey Jude". This song features five instruments of vocal melody, bass, electric organ, jazz drums and Maracas. The designer analyzed the structure of the score for each of the five instruments by translating the scales, rhythms, graphics, and then the space, in an attempt to shape a lyrical space like a song.

The music has five kinds of musical instruments: singing theme, bass, electronic organ, jazz drum, sand hammer and so on. The main melody, bass and electronic organ are musical instruments with scales. The designer has designed three different types of pattern series for these three musical instruments. In each pattern series, the pattern changes regularly according to the scale. Jazz drums and sand hammers are instruments without scales. In the music score, jazz drum presents three different sounds, and the designer has designed three geometric patterns for different sounds; sand hammer has two sounds in total, and runs through the whole song, so the sound of sand hammer is translated into the superposition of two sets of images.

The site is located in the landscape zone of Dongping waterway embankment in Foshan City. The theater is one of the contents in the core section of the landscape zone, serving both the visitors from outside the area and the local residents in the area. Being a reflection of the entertainment function in the landscape zone, the theater should also be shaped into a landmark landscape, exhibiting the cultural characteristics of Sanshan.

As the location of the site is special, the landscape and shape of the building are demanding, and should be a significant architectural element in harmony with the landscape zone, whether from a distance or from a close view.

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