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Hilux Mtn House

Andre Castaneda, Edouard Diaz

Nestled within Tokyo's urban fabric, a distinctive single-family home stands as a living testament to the harmonious blend of minimalist ideals with the frenetic city pulse. Inspired by the gradual ascent of rural mountain trails, this dwelling offers a serene haven for a couple and their daughter, encapsulating the essence of minimalist living while drawing on the surrounding natural beauty.

The home's façade, a study in elegant simplicity, channels the contours of rural landscapes, a nod to Japan's serene countryside. Yet, this aesthetic isn't a mere homage; it serves as a pragmatic solution to optimize scarce urban space, providing a retreat amid the urban sprawl.

Stepping through the threshold reveals an interior epitomizing the "less is more" ethos. Bathed in natural light, the home encompasses two bedrooms offering quiet respite. The communal areas seamlessly coexist – an efficient kitchen, a tranquil office, and an inviting living room encouraging familial bonds. Transitioning effortlessly to the outdoors, a covered patio beckons, bridging indoor and outdoor spaces.

Innovation graces the upper levels, where plant-adorned spaces above living areas and staircases breathe life into the minimalist canvas. These green pockets infuse the modern setting with a touch of the bucolic, inviting nature to intertwine with urban living.

Integral to the project's narrative, the building's concrete and steel materiality weave a contextual thread. Raw and Refinement, these materials echo the functional aesthetics of rural architecture while providing structural integrity. The tactile essence of concrete and steel mirrors the enduring beauty of mountains, underscoring the design's inspiration.

At the heart of the dwelling lies an open core, a deliberate void inviting sunlight and natural ventilation. This innovative choice embeds the home with the spacious calmness synonymous with rural living, resonating even amidst Tokyo's urban fervor.

Through the symphony of these design elements, the home epitomizes the synergy between the quietude of rural life and Tokyo's vivacious energy. It cultivates a sanctuary where a family of three fully embraces minimalist living, finding solace, inspiration, and connection in the very heart of the city's vibrant soul.

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