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House of Dwelling or Leisure

Yu Fu

Due to the increasing of living pressure and the improvement of consumption level, more and more citizens living in urban leaving the city during the holidays, and return to nature in order to relaxing themselves. The phenomenon has promoted the renewal of the tourism and living mode. In the face of this, in 2121, the vacation home is not only a temporary shelter for travelers to survive, but a "home" that can be filled with rich emotions and accommodate diverse activities. The research tries to effectively combine the dwelling and leisure activities and creates a new type to improve the efficiency of buildings, promotes communication through sharing the dynamic space.

The design research of "The Home of Dwelling or Leisure" uses the method of typology. The problem of the research is how to establish a dynamic spatial relationship between dwelling home and leisure space in nature through the dynamic spatial characteristics, so that the multiple behaviors could be accommodated by sharing in the dynamic building.

It starts from the daily living experience and memory in home. The typical spatial relationships were extracted. Then, established abstract illustrations, lead to the discussion of spatial prototypes, and give the possibility of prototypes evolving in nature. The space can be used in the home and leisure.

This research started with the thinking about social phenomena(sharing, communication and dwelling in nature), using typology as a method, then designing the building through the extraction of types, the evolution of types and the translation of architectural spaces in future. The research proposes a flexible vacation home with multiple functions and flexibility. It is suitable for dwelling or leisure experience in the natural environment. "The Home of Dwelling or Leisure" will be a new type of building which has diverse functional program and dynamic space in 2121.

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