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Tan Wenjun

The Reverse of Emotional Perception—EmotionalMuseum from THE PRESTIGE

This design takes the plot of Christopher Nolan's film The Prestige as the inspiration, and through the translation of the key plot and characters' emotions, presents a dynamic non-gravity space of the emotional weaving museum. The main magician--Angier, his rival--Alfred and the audience in the movie are the three main emotional sources. According to the plot, they respectively represent three typical emotions, namely red--anger, purple--indifference and cyan--surprise.
This scheme has evolved to include a total of 5 translation tests. In Test 1, the vision and shot of the three characters were converted into static image synthesis; InTest 2, the camera movement, composition and the main incident space -- theater of the three characters were further transformed into three-dimensional space. InTest 3, seven important events are grouped together according to the development of the story. Test 4 further reconstructs the form composition generated by these specific events and presents a flat form composition matrix, which represents the abstract relations interwoven by several emotions in different plot structures. In the end, Test 5 elevates the three emotions into another dimension, and forms an abstract spatial composition through the interweaving of form and color.
In addition,Test 5 also integrates the important situational elements of the plot -- the stage and the auditorium, which are interspersed in the three-dimensional structure, becoming the main exhibition streamline surroundedbythe interweaving of emotions. The audience can constantly enter and leave the emotional configuation in a space that is not constrained by gravity. The space is sometimes open and sometimes depressed, full of unknown experiences and colors. This scheme hopes to express the intricate emotions and relationships of the characters in the movie plot through the composition of this emotional space, and at the same time bring the audience another rich emotional experience.
Through the analogy of form, color, symbol and plot structure, we can experience the ups and downs of the plot in the film through the way of architectural language and feel the emotional changes of the characters themselves.

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