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Inevitable Order

Marie Metelkovã¡

Abstraction is a space for your own mind to release creativity and curiosity. Abstraction can be feelings, colours or anything what isn’t clear and obvious. One of the most interesting sites of abstraction can be found in nature. In the shapes created by plants, mountains, animals… or in the shapes of waves and water shining at the sun. The different textures, movements, and colours are giving us a space to create our own pictures in what we see.
In art is abstraction a state in which you let your thoughts appear in the artwork. Showing your emotions in your art. It’s about feeling the sadness, love, emptiness, anger and use it to create. But abstractions are also colours. Sometimes it might seem like they are just random colours. But every colour has its own meaning and giving us different vibes.
Archile Gorky, one of the first abstract artist was an inspiration for me. His paintings are tangle of shapes and colours, but you can always find there an animal, person, all kinds of things or even food. It is the kind of paintings which you can see bunch of times but always find something new. It just depends on your current state of mind.
In abstraction are the main rules broken but as everything abstraction also has an order it might not be always visible, but it there. That is why choose the circle/ellipse as the shape to work with. Circle/ellipse is always round, and you can be sure that it ends will connect to each other. But the circle still let your mind to create its own pictures or even create a new shape from a simple circle. What the circle means? Is it eye, head, sun, flower, plate, planet or universe itself? Or is it just a circle but its colours are expressing feelings which is what makes it abstract?
Abstraction is about concept with a good concept can a dot on a paper turn into valuable artwork.
Circle as an eye. Eye is the start of abstraction. Visual abstraction has to take an inspiration from somewhere.
Maybe we saw a plant in a weird shape but forgot about it immediately. And now while we are creating our artwork our mind reminds us about the plant. Which will get us inspired by the plant.
Circle is minimalistic but it can be extravagant at the same time.

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