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Altankhuu (Hongliang) Jorgutyn (Zhu), Zhangyi Yu & Xiangqi Shang

Emotions are constantly progressive and transitional, but the fast pace of modern life makes people switch quickly between fiercely conflicting emotions, and calm emotional triggers seem to be treated with indifference, and here is a journey through the Möbius space of emotions, taking you on a new experience of emotional transitions.
We selected the opposing emotions of GRIEF and SERENITY, which are the most frequently occurring emotions in people's daily life in Plutchik's Model of emotions, as the object of our preliminary research. This pair of emotions is people's answer to the question of "transience of life", and to accurately depict emotions, Plutchik's Model of emotions gives five languages: stimulus language, cognitive language, subjective language, behavioral language, and functional language. In addition to the stimulus language which is caused by the most basic external environment, we additionally extract key words from the four directions of cognition, feeling, behavior and physiological changes of people under this group of emotions, and translate them one by one with the four spatial techniques of color, material, atmosphere creation and spatial form, so as to generate symbolic elements and compositional structures on a two-dimensional plane. Then recall that we set up the mood converter to transcend the three-dimensional space of different moods and derive multiple transition spaces from the articulation of different mood spaces.
People should form an infinite circulation and free flow line of people, which is the inducement of our architectural form generation. We guide people through this journey through the empty and silent rocks, ocean landscape and natural and artificial light in the space, and finally hope that people will catch the initial touch in their hearts in the space along the road, lower the threshold of being constantly stimulated and return to the state of flexible flow of emotions, so as to achieve a healing experience.

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