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Inner Sanctum

Yihui Chen, Lao Linqi, Zhao Zixuan & Li Xiaoyue

The conceptual genesis of "INNER SANCTUM" finds its artistic wellspring in the enchanting narrative tapestry of Alice in Wonderland. Within the story's boundless dimensions, the rabbit hole serves as an interstitial conduit between tangible reality and intangible reverie. As an homage to this thematic conduit, our design embraces the duality of the physical realm and the ethereal domain, interweaving them into a captivating architectural tableau.

In the realm of psychological afflictions, individuals often grapple with an enigmatic struggle – a vexing confluence of self-avoidance and the struggle to articulate their innermost emotions. In "NAME," this profound juncture of understanding unfurls through the embodiment of four emotional pavilions, each imbued with immersive visual, tactile, and auditory stimuli. This meticulously orchestrated composition aims to guide afflicted souls toward self-confrontation, fostering a path to internal healing. Simultaneously, it kindles a luminescent beacon of comprehension for the uninitiated, offering insight into the enigmatic inner sanctum of those burdened by mental maladies. By doing so, it empowers both the tormented and their empathetic allies with the tools to facilitate profound healing.

The architectural morphology pays homage to the enigmatic rabbit holes, intertwining their essence into a symphonic dance of form and function. A slender corridor emerges as the thread connecting a grand foyer and four galleries, harmoniously arranged in parallel or succession. Venturing into each gallery via this ethereal conduit, patrons traverse into virtual chambers that emancipate them from corporeal confines. The meticulously sculpted spatial realm within each chamber, a product of meticulously arrayed panels, embraces the architectural cadence of a three-dimensional Rubik's cube. These panels, a manifestation of calculated artistry, mirror the logic of perspectives – front and back, corners and dead-ends – crafting atmospheric domains mirroring the myriad shades of psychological tribulation.

Within "INNER SANCTUM," patrons are invited into an enthralling pas de deux between tangible reality and nebulous imagination, between sensory perception and intellectual ruminations, and most notably, between the realm of emotion and the rigors of reason. Through this mesmerizing odyssey, our visionary architectural sanctuary seeks to catalyze healing and metamorphosis, forging an indelible imprint upon the psyche. Thus, it's unveiled that the tapestry of mental well-being is far from a mere tableau of appointments and discussions; it unfurls as a symphonic sojourn through the realm of breathtaking architecture.

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