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Into the river

Berry Chou & Qiyi Cai

Original music: "The Introvert"

The music piece we chose is "The Introvert" by Michael Kobrin. This music conveys the feeling of "a world of the introvert," with light shining in solitude. Therefore, we have set the design theme as "a cultural center designed for introverts." Introverts may feel uncomfortable in public places with intensive activities, such as bars, but this does not mean that introverts do not need social interaction. They also need to communicate with others and express their ideas, so we aim to create a public space suitable for them.

Therefore, a special cultural exhibition hall is just right. It is akin to a cultural and art center while also serving as a cultural and social media hub. In terms of design techniques, we choose to adjust the pedestrian flow according to the rhythm of the music, arrange spaces along the flow line, and pause to adapt to the artistic conception of the music.

The beginning of the first paragraph feels like being pushed, so in terms of space, it can be expressed as an inwardly retracted corridor that entices tourists to enter. What follows is the private space that introverts need - a courtyard and the corresponding corridor. In the middle of the music, there is contemplation, narration, and accumulation. The building's ground gradually slopes down along with the musical phrase, adding more and more routes like the phrase itself, all leading to a larger space. Accompanied by two slightly different repetitions of the music, as the building's space gradually contracts, the sides seem to let in light along with the musical phrase, creating a segmented sequence of spaces. At the end of the music, it suddenly becomes grand, as if clearing away clouds and darkness and entering a wide and bright space. Therefore, in this section, we designed a very open and flat space. This is also what we aim for: to help people find their most comfortable way of life between privacy and solitude, and ultimately, to dispel discrimination and change in order to reach their favorite corner of the square.

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