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Jove Jove Walks, Walks and Walks

Naina Lal, Vishnu & George Eldo

Music piece: Introvert - Michael.

Walking was never tiring, for Jove seemingly had all the time in the world. Jove was a quiet kid, not because he had nothing to say but rather because he couldn't find someone who he felt would listen. Nevertheless, Jove didn't really care about that. He believed that as long as he looked within himself, found ideas, and provoked them, he would need nothing else.

The graphic below depicts architecture that would intrigue minds like that of Jove. The discontinuously continuous walls feature openings at fixed intervals, allowing the user to step out of the structure. The structure, open to the sky, encapsulates experiences within its walls (assumptions taken with creative freedom) which prove valuable enough to a person like Jove. So much so, perhaps, that he would, in most cases, refuse to exit from the structure. The experiences within change him, and he, in turn, changes the experiences, which, in turn, changes the space and its meaning to him.

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