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Kieu Gur - Cultural Memorial Hall Style Retreat Center

Hanzhuo Liang, Zhanpeng Lei, Danqing Wang

"Kieu Gur (which means ‘Healing Ark’ )" is a retreat center located on the beaches of Ushuaia, Argentina, designed to heal the cultural wounds of the descendants of the Yaghan people. This enchanting place will serve as an emotional sanctuary for the Yaghan people, creating a unique and spiritual space through the organic fusion of architecture, planning, and landscape.

The overall design is inspired by the triangle shape, resembling a traditional canoe, symbolizing the close connection between the Yaghan people and nature. The entire structure presents the shape of a boat with its ends upturned, evoking images of the brave spirit and marine life of ancient Yaghan people.

The center consists of three galleries, each highlighting a different theme to provide visitors with a diverse experience. The first gallery is called" The Call of the Ancient", showcasing the Yaghan people's society, culture, lifestyle, production tools, clothing, and art. Through rich exhibits and multimedia displays, visitors can gain an in-depth understanding of the Yaghan way of life and unique culture.

The second gallery, named "Scars of History", focuses on the impact of Western culture on the Yaghan people. Here, visitors will learn about the challenges and pain endured by the Yaghan people under the influence of Western culture. By presenting historical events, images, and texts, this gallery offers a space for reflection and understanding of the past.

The final gallery, "Who We Are", is dedicated to showcasing the Yaghan language and playing recordings of Yaghan speech. This gallery aims to awaken the ethnic identity and heal the deep wounds in the hearts of indigenous descendants. In this dark and quiet space, visitors can feel the charm and power of the Yaghan language, prompting them to reconnect with their roots.

The retreat center seamlessly integrates the essence of architecture, planning, and landscape, creating an atmosphere of harmonious coexistence with nature. The surrounding beaches and coastline serve as natural boundaries and blend with the architecture. The design language of the center is diverse and artistic, combining traditional elements with modern techniques, creating an ambiance that is both ancient and contemporary.

On this tranquil land, Yaghan descendants will find their own emotional space, allowing them to confront the scars of history and gradually heal. They will reconnect with their culture in the "Kieu Gur" and experience the wisdom and power of their ancestors. This retreat center will be a source of pride and hope for the Yaghan people, as well as a window to showcase indigenous cultures to the world.

Through "Kieu Gur" we are committed to preserving and inheriting the cultural heritage of the Yaghan people, providing a place for Yaghan descendants to explore their roots and reflect deeply. We hope that this retreat center can serve as a bridge across time and space, enabling every visitor to understand the power of culture and find inner tranquility and balance on this sacred land.

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