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KITAAB KOSH – Learning with Nature

Disha Rabadia, Nisarg Mewada

‘Kitaab Kosh’ Library located in Nirona village of Kutch, Gujarat is centered around the idea of creating a dynamic and interactive space that not only serves as a repository of knowledge but also fosters a strong sense of community and connection with nature. The centerpiece of the design is a unique and visually striking staircase surrounding the library structure. This innovative staircase functions as an interactive common space, a green oasis, and a shading element for the ground floor openings.

Design of the library prioritizes a seamless connection with nature. Large glass panels on the ground floor blur the boundaries between the interior and the exterior, allowing visitors to enjoy views of the surrounding landscape. Its exterior draws inspiration from the surrounding desert landscape and indigenous architectural elements. Earthy tones and natural materials like sandstone and terracotta tiles are used to blend the structure with its environment. The building features arched entrances and windows, reminiscent of traditional architecture found in the region.

‘Kitaab Kosh’ combines the elements of knowledge, community, and nature to create a vibrant and enriching space. The spiral staircase, with its interactive bookshelves and seating areas, fosters engagement and collaboration among visitors. The vertical garden and shading elements integrate the library harmoniously with the environment, providing a sustainable and inviting oasis for learning, connecting with others, and immersing oneself in the beauty of Nirona's culture and nature.

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