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Light at the end of dark

Xu Wang

This project is an emotional museum, located in Vick Town, Iceland. It is located on a cliff on the Black Beach of Victor Town. The black beaches in the venue and landscape elements such as the ocean and cliffs can have a good connection with the building. It will also promote it. It will also promote it. The emotional transformation and expression of the experiencer will obtain a unique immersive design experience, and ultimately achieve the purpose of the experiencer's emotional experience from depression to cure. Therefore, a response to the social problems of high depression in Northern Europe is better. This project is the concept of light at the end, and the changes in space flow lines and space correspond to the final release of emotions. The architectural body presents a downward form based on the changes in the cliff terrain. Its display space includes three major parts, which are depression space, transition space, and healing space. Each space is composed of several small spaces. Space allows experiencers to have a more detailed sensory experience from different dimensions. The five small spaces in the depression space will allow the experiencer to fully experience the subtle changes in depression, and the transition space is particularly important. The transparency of some light and the combination of mirror space. Inspired, and the last healing space gradually opened, and the long healing corridor slowly extended to the sea. The semi -open space and the benign combination of landscapes made the experiencers' emotional changes gradually gain the ultimate experience. In the overall space of the building, the vision in the whole space from dark to dark, and the space form is closed to open, corresponding to the emotional expression from depression to cure. Visitors will be immersed in the experience of depressing emotions and now they have to face. The changes in walking streamlined eventually enabled them to experience the transformation and release of emotions, and on the other hand, they can also help some real depression patients get some good emotional changes. The project fully combines the venue environment, and the process of the experiencer's walking is a baptism. From the body to the soul, it will have negative emotions to a true experience of positive emotions.

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