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Luna Museum

Yu Wen Ng

For centuries, artists, poets and creators alike have been inspired by and contemplated upon the moon, such as Li Bai who composed numerous poems based on his contemplation upon the moonlight, and Debussy, who composed the song Clair De Lune.

It seems that, in the fleeting, fragile and limited timeframe whereby day becomes night, there is some sort of magic in the air.

This museum is an exploratory museum that focuses on personal journey and hopes to capture this spirit with a sense of journey through moving through the spaces.
It is designed with the idea of form as a performance itself, and that no two spaces will be alike, for example, expansion and contraction of spaces would make one feel different. Visitors would be welcomed into its open structure and it offers a changing, contemplative and meditative experience, as one progresses through the museum, and as Heraclitus said, “No man ever step into the same river twice”.

-Exhibition spaces of various sizes
-Experiential walkways
-Roof Terraces (Landscape)

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