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Measurable and unmeasurable

Jiawei Liang

Generally, "light" should be introduced into conceptual design, as the main immaterial element to construct the memorial space.

Our preference for light is already written into our cultural genes. From the Parthenon, Pantheon and Hagia Sophia to the Chapel of Ronchamp and the Church of Light, the distance between light and man is shrinking. In the initial stage, as the messenger of God, light conveys the beauty of heaven through the Bible, and its relationship with people is "Man and God". With the development of civilized society, the light slowly turns from the roof of the building to the facade, until it was projected onto the bodies of the believers inside the architecture and came into contact with them.

In the Holy Land of Jerusalem, from the period of Judaism to the period of being submerged by Christianity and then the rise of Islam, ten narrative carriers are created by analyzing the space of light in the architecture and combining the location, context and architectural features. The various religious events going to Jerusalem, and the tangled relationship of the three religions in Jerusalem. I will try to introduce light into space and create different ways of light entry through different forms of space. With the presence of light, the space is commemorative and touches everyone's heart. When the sunlight falls through the opening of the structure. Quietly reflects the space inherent desire for idiosyncrasy.

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