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Melody Gallery

Tiago Pires

"The Melody Gallery consists of a cultural space that fosters mutual relationships between architecture and music. Its aim is to attract artists from both of these art forms and those who are passionate about them. The design of the building takes the form of a perfect circle and is developed to accommodate various needs. In the center, there is an introspective open-air amphitheater/multipurpose space designed to focus on the sky. This area includes supports for artists and can host concerts and other events. Next, a temporary gallery space (main space) is introduced to host temporary abstract exhibitions that relate to and express different forms of music. At the entrance/reception of the building, support spaces are organized, including a shop with a bar, sanitary facilities, and storage for the gallery.

The Introvert Exposition

The Introvert Exposition is part of a temporary exhibition inspired by the music "Introvert" by Michael Kobrin, organized in the gallery space of the Melody Gallery. The exhibition's starting point is the creation of a path (la promenade architecturale) that relates Music (time) and Architecture (space) to the timeline of the music. The path is divided into eight parts, each representing a different chapter of the song. Each space on the path has a distinct environment related to the feelings and characteristics of the corresponding chapter. First, a relationship was established between the volume of the space and the volume of the music over time. Then, a rhythm was created through openings influenced by the more accentuated rhythms of the music, especially the percussion. The bass and treble of the music also had an influence on the space; the higher the part of the music, the clearer the material defining the space.

The choice of materials was influenced by the instruments used in the music, which prominently featured piano and violin. Steel was chosen to represent the piano, as it is smooth, elegant, and neat, much like the melody in the music. Polycarbonate panels symbolize the violin, being semi-transparent and vibrant, much like the sound of the instrument. Geometric elements were also introduced to give purpose and meaning to the space according to the expression of each chapter of the song.


The intro part, the start of the scene.
The space opens up for you, creating a smooth transition along the volume to a new and unknown space, evoking curiosity.


Wandering through the space, with no clue where the path is leading.
The barriers between the spaces create a simple path that forces people to explore and understand what is happening.


Walking into something unknown, trying to find a way out.
A new ambiance is introduced, and there is no idea of what's coming next, as the obstacles prevent you from seeing the way.


Checking everything, trying to escape from the unknown, feeling lost.
You have no idea where you are; the path almost resembles a maze, and you are attempting to find an exit.


You find some light and start to understand where you are heading.
The path is much clearer now, with the walls opening up and guiding you to a new and brighter space.


Finding a way/path.
A significant transition appears and leads the way out.


In this long run, you finally find the way out, and everything becomes clearer. You feel relaxed and at ease.
The space is more extensive and clearer, and you now know where you are.


The end of the run.
Finally, the way out is near, and the space smoothly closes in around you."

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