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Mental Toilet——A new space for contemporary people's psychological catharsis

Chenxi Song & Shixu Ye

The design of the project starts from exploring the formation reasons of the cultural phenomenon of "toilet graffiti", and examines the potential function of the toilet as a psychological excretion outlet besides the physical excretion place. Combined with the concept origin of the spiritual toilet, we hope to design a place suitable for everyone to release their hearts without pressure, and at the same time build a corresponding interactive virtual online space. Thus, while ensuring the privacy of toilet graffiti, it strengthens its publicity as a traditional media through the Internet.
The design is divided into two parts, namely, the physical toilet cabin and the "psychic sewage system" in the virtual world. The design of the physical toilet adopts the form of independent cabins, which can be flexibly combined and split. We hope that the final architectural entity can be easily integrated into every corner of urban life. Each toilet is equipped with a "psychological excretion" creation interface. In this intimate and comfortable space, people can release their stress and empty their bowels. Inspired by the shape of neurons, we conceived the virtual network part of the spiritual toilet. The physical toilet is connected to the nucleus of the virtual network by dendrites. After the graffiti enters the nucleus, it randomly arrives at a new physical toilet. In the process, the interaction of information and the display of finished products are completed. People's thinking can enter the virtual "soul sewage system", where you will see your own and other people's spiritual garbage being transported, accumulated, and finally presented in a new form full of art. You can also personally interact with this spiritual garbage from all over the world, and have a real and hearty vent in this era of high pressure!

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