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Monologue from One Soul

Xiaoyun Zhou, Jun Fang & Yuanjian He

Our design was inspired by <The Legend of 1900>, which tells the story of a lonely soul who drifts on the ocean and interprets his life through music. This movie makes us think about life. Birth, growth, sickness and death are the cycles of every human life. Life is also in the ideal and reality, emotion and reason, limited and infinite, how to find the right balance in the free dilemma of emotional release and repression coexist?
Secondly, in the film, the story tells about the historical background of the Italian immigrant wave, and the protagonist's birth and growth are derived from these histories. The plot of the film is also full of human survival metaphors. In order to echo the background of the story, the site of our project was chosen in Scala dei Turch in Agrigento, south of Sicily, Italy. The beaches here have magical white rock cliffs, which are like steps leading to the pure and deep sea. Experiencers can look at the landscape like poetry and painting here, indulge their emotions and souls freely in the infinite space, find the place where their emotions are placed, and understand the infinity of life.
Everyone is a lonely traveler like 1900 floating in the world. From coming into the world to leaving alone, from meeting friends to meeting love for the first time, shuttling through the long road, there are countless fragments and memories bearing our emotions and feelings.
Finally, our design extracts the narrative logic, plot, frame of the film and the emotional changes of the protagonist, showing the emotional perception of the protagonist and the audience from two perspectives of experience. We expect experiencers to have emotional resonance in the two routes and countless space fragments, and express their hearts and thoughts with the help of the narrative of space.

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