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Jia Min wong, Chaer Shean Lee, Ker Neng Peh

For the average person, mental health and wellbeing may not be their top priority and are often too busy focusing on other parts of our lives. The importance of emotions and mental health might not at the forefront of our thoughts, but we need to recognise our mental health is as much a part of us as physical health. At a glance we may not see that someone is struggling mentally but we are all facing our own challenges that life throws at us.
Human emotions are complex, to understand it we must acknowledge the importance of emotions without feeling hard to show or convey our true feelings. While facing the public, we tend to show only the positive emotions such as happiness and excitement; or put on a façade to hide away the negative emotions. However, we may experience feeling anxious, overwhelmed, depressed, segregated or an array of other emotions too. It’s only through acknowledgement and acceptanceof all the emotions and experience we go through, that we can open up a dialogue and address on how to ‘heal’. The dialogue of mental wellbeing is created through the reflection and respect for all emotions regardless of how it can make us feel.
In ‘Mood-on-no-doom’, a display architecture is designed to invite the viewers on a visual pilgrimage, where everything: front and back; up and downs are all shown and displayed. Through rotating, the viewers can wander in the journey of different ‘emotions’, which are translated and embodied as architectural elements in the drawing. Eventually the drawing is a meditative and curious piece to view at and imagine of; in order to heal the viewers through the visual ‘strolling’.
Through creating a multi-faceted architectural piece that embodies different experience of journey through engaging the viewers to turn and look from different direction, the project also hints that each of us might perceive a similar matter differently, however each of those feelings and experience is all valid and equally important.

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