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Museum of Energy Development

Anastasia Sabinova

Museum of energy development
It is impossible to imagine our civilization without energetics: economic and social progress will be turned to the past and lives of people world wide completely transformed. From my point of view, nowadays the main purpose is to remind humanity of the importance of this part of physics. Thus, I would like to suggest the museum of energy development. We cannot forget proceedings of scientists all over the world. They worked hard to make our daily routine more comfortable and safer.
The museum is located in town I strain Moscow region, near famous sights. There is no doubt that the museum of energy development will be interesting for tourists coming here. There is New Jerusalem State Historical and Art Museum just across the street and Resurrection New Jerusalem Monastery in about 400 meters.
The choice of the site is not occasional. There is Istra High Voltage Research Center (HVRC), testing facility built in the 1970s. It is is notable for containing what is believed to be the world's largest Marx generator, which was originally created to help test lightning insulation in military aircraft. Some of the mare still in working order.
The inspiration for the project was the history of this great research center. I would like to remind people of the facility housed a large ovoidal dome named Allure. The building was used as an electromagnetic pulse weapons testing facility and stationary simulator before it was demolished, after the building's roof collapsed due to the weight of excessive snowfall. Despite the fact that the form of the museum’s dome is different, is still bears a resemblance to that demolished one.
An important part of an exhibition is devoted to openings made in this research center. For instance, there are models of unique generators installed in front of the main entrance. So every visitor can see the process of designing unique generators and feel himself like a great researcher. As about children, they may become interested in this amazing occupation and make a decision to become a scientist.
Consequently, just a glance at the museum of energy development reminds citizens of history of their town. They can be proud of living near so talented scientists.
Talking about the innerspace, it has exact functional zoning. All blocks can be divided into two groups: spaces for visitors and ones for staff. There are locked doors between zones, so guests cannot get to rooms with private access. It cannot be denied that the safe storage of exhibits is one if the most significant museum’s functions.
It goes without saying that the designed building has to be firm. The auxiliary blocks have columns as a basic structure. The dome is also supported by columns that are placed in circle.
The dome is covered with metal system, made to look like wood. It includes either glass or solid panels. Their triangle formal so reminds of a demolished dome.
Taking everything into account I should say that the technology is developing at a rapid pace, opening up new possibilities and providing mankind with the energy of the future. Despite this fact, we have need and desire to know about openings of the past. The museum of energy development can tell people a huge amount of interesting facts and give new impressions. There is no better way to gain an understanding of the present than the study of the past.

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