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Mysterious Innocence

Mahesh Dhanasekaran

Introducing a unique filter ; Blend of Poetry and Architecture

Our mother nature is constantly rewarding us with her wonderful resources like freshest water, food, cleanest air, etc, But we humans, forgetting we are also an integral part of nature, are gotten struck into a sickening artificial lifestyle in a densely concretized atmosphere, acting busy and being unable to notice many precious treasures scattered around us waiting to be noticed. Most humans are very unlucky as we don't know the real taste of nature's entirety.
We are busy making money to sprint our life and are not interested very much in free treasures. Only a tiny fraction of our entire population took/ taking action to know the real taste of the treasure and a few actually succeeded to taste it. Another tiny fraction is working towards spreading the recipe to the world as much as possible. What about the rest of the population? Or future generations? Is there any new efficient way that subtly feed the rich taste to the new generation of people through architecture in the current context? Well, this project may be the answer.

Here we mainly concern the one specific marvelous natural resource that enlightens the extremely precious "life" on our planet - The sunlight.
Before, we humans ignored how nature rewarded us, but now, we hate and blame nature because of the “pandemic-driven extension of our 4-wall stay”. This project aims to recall, re-teach and increase the human-nature relationships even in this situation. We want to revitalize people's life with an invention of "a new filter",
● A filter that filters out everything else and only shows the 'Innocent character of nature'.
● A filter that subliminally positively manipulates one's mind.
● A filter that everyone doesn't know that they need.
● A filter that “”delivers the treasure that everyone owes but ignore””.

The filter:
The filter is the new imaginary, yet the revolutionary invention of eco-friendly "translucent" construction material to replace the destructive concrete construction. Every super-structural element like column, floor-slabs, beams should be made using this material. It allows an uncontrollable amount but fine-drawn level of natural light inside, displaying the movements, rhythms, and the character of nature to the viewer subliminally all done without sacrificing their privacy.
This new filter material is not as same as the already existing 'translucent concrete' which is unclear, unkind, blurry, almost lifeless, and lacks many needed qualities.
This whole project is an abstract and poetic imagination of how our world would be like when a "white and pure translucent, building-material" is introduced. With the use of a hypothetical residence as an example, we tried to show how the filter makes the impossibility of staying out all the time to receive the extremely most out of nature possible.

This project also helps us to explore the soft side of nature. Softness is an important quality. Softness helps us to stay delicate in this cold-blooded world. A touch of softness is very necessary for a human's mental, physical, and social health.

Let's say we have built a home with the filter material ( which is translucent skin, muscle, and bones). Then our every day-to-day normal activity will become poetry in this filtered world.

● Taking first step, entering into the world of softness from ‘angry-denoting harsh, sharp-shadow -world’ is a clear-cut conspicuous experience to a viewer.
● Enjoy the strike of the first splash of an enjoyable soft-light shower welcoming us, washing away all our melancholy darkness, anger, other hard undefinable emotions that we received our outside world, clearing our stuffed head, and returning calm.
● After few footsteps, the grand softness will immediately fill us to the bone, making our heavy heart feel light.
● Feeling depressed or alone? Stand still, breathe slowly, feel your heartbeat and the sacredness of the space; the living womb, close your eyes and meld with cosmos, feel the process of time, aging, reach and embrace yourself in a timeless dimension.
● Thinking about the cruel world? Listen to the ambiance you get there. The material will let us "hear" the natural light, nature's laughter, chats, and well-wishes.
Feel the weight of innocence you receive from it. You will get to know the real hidden character of nature.
● See and feel the light-shadow dance on the wall around you and the floor you are lying on,.. Sit calmly and let it do the job. Let it light cleanse your spirit, nurture your mind, body, and soul until you scream " I am ready to get back to concrete pavement to face the world again"

Other Advantages:
This also comes with various advantages. We may don't need to study the sun path of the site to properly design the structure; Any orientation, Any form can do the job of bringing in optimum amount of clean natural light, down-scaling the workflow of designers and architects.
It Also lets us live based on nature's pattern and rhythm, just like we did centuries ago. Blue daylight, rainy-clouds-dim light, Yellowish-orange-pink light during sunrise, sunset entering inside our home tells us time and makes our biological clock function normal. These extreme biophilic characters make the filter an efficient and superlative weapon to kill the huge insomnia epidemic (in most cases), reducing stress, increasing joy and overall productiveness.

"Be transparent with nature, not humans”

It's all about giving an opportunity to our mother nature who is always willing to 'gently' touch us every second. That touch has the ultimate power to turn us, make us feel "human".

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