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New Entertainment | Colorful , Ecological - full, Affordable - full

Catalina Plaino

Bauhaus throwback

More than just a simple design movement with geometric and abstract forms, Bauhaus represented a real manifesto with a strong social role. The main goal was to make art accessible to every social class.

The troubled context of the post-war period played an important role in the new way of creating and innovating by limitation. As Walter Gropius himself was outlying, the limitation makes the creative mind inventive.

To make art accessible to everyone, Bauhaus has been naturally and rapidly oriented towards the industrial process. Its purpose was to create aesthetical, simple, and functional objects adapted to mass production so that anyone could afford them.

Its style was fast applied to buildings, furniture design, photography, costumes, and performing arts.

The Bauhaus style has been soon abandoned, but its vision perpetuated and rested at the base of the International Style.

Bauhaus nowadays
Nowadays, the current climate issues push us to rethink our environment and our human impact on the ecosystem.
The ecofriendly design, the use of refurbishment, the use of local and bio-sourced materials are more than encouraged.
As Walter Gropius emphasized, ‘’The greatest responsibility of the planner and architect, is the protection and development of our habitat.’’

We find nowadays a “New European Bauhaus’’ launched by the European Commission in 2020.

Its purpose is to encourage the ‘’sustainability and the style’’, by bringing the Green Pact closer to the minds and homes of citizens’’ as Ursula von der Leyen’s affirmations.

My Conceptual Design called New Entertainment, Colorful, Ecological-full, and Affordable-full does join this ‘think-do tank’ movement, aimed to imagine and build a more sustainable and ecological future.
The idea is to engage people in environmental problems in an entertaining way.
The colorful sliding panels made of different natural fibers are entirely ecological. Each wood parallelepiped has 2 slits on each face. The panels close the wood skeleton by a sliding movement. Different design objects could be obtained (stool, chair, table, bench, library, etc).
The panels can be entirely opaque, translucid, or partially transparent.

The flexible structure offers endless possibilities adaptable to everyone’s needs. The simple modular elements make this design easily industrialized and affordable.

Everyone could be able to constantly personalize its home without any extra costs and adapt it to its needs at any time of the day. This would keep the structure in use for a long time, much longer than any commercial piece of furniture ready-made.

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