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New Home For Coral And Marine Life

Yigin Wang


George Herbert Mead said I (myself) include “I” and “ME” .which is self-awareness and other’s evaluation of ourselves.
Our mental health is decided by both of them.

In the noisy city, complicated interpersonal relationship, we could get tired easily, also easily injured.

My rabbit hole set up under the ocean. From 5m to 35m deep.

These years, because of global warming, ocean pollution, over fishing, massive coral are dying. Damage to the marine ecosystem.

This underwater rabbit hole made by polyethylene (PE). Each hole is transparent film bubble. Around bubble build up with artificial coral reef net. On this basis, Recreate the ecosystem of coral reef and new home for marine life.

When we need rest physically and mentally. We can come here anytime. Walk through the bubbles that lurk in the ocean. And find your own place of peace. Get close and personal with marine life.

When we perceive life, we also gain strength from the growth of life. Observe their changes, observe their growth and reproduce.

When I dive into the water. I can feel the world is at peace. I can hear myself exhale. I can feel myself more clearly. Feel the underwater world so close.

The power of the life force is the power to HEAL. Here we will record the trajectory of our mutual growth.

My rabbit hole is not only a haven for our soul, but also a new home for coral and marine life.

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