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Noah's Ark

Yuting Cai, Hongyang Deng & Jiayun Wu

In 2122, Mother nature can’t bare the greedy demand of human, the tears left by ice berg become the roar of the ocean, She is taking back the land she had blessed to human and decide to punish those insatiable creatures. Some of the people have the foresee of the future through their information network, they know not long in the future, only islands will be left on the sea surface and the ocean currents will becoming violent. Therefore they gather labors and scientists and throw tons of money to make a residence which could floating on the sea. Some people on the land call these ball bubbles disdainfully, but for others it is Noah's Ark. No one knows when the sea will recede, but at least you could live longer.

The residence is design for human to float on the sea for a long time to wait for the sea to recede.
It is Inspired by traditional Chinese sachets: the double balance ring structure keep the inner stable no matter how big change of outside. It gives us a very good reference to the residence to adapt the rocking of the sea.

Structure specification:
The residence has two big part external part and the internal part, external part contains Supporting metal rack and external glass protection. Internal part contains balance ring, internal glass protection, solar collector, three accommodation platforms.

Function specification:
There residence has three accommodation platforms. Top platform is captain room, people have the best view to observe the sea and control the residence at here. Middle platform is life platforms, here to satisfied the quality of life needs of residential members. Bottom platform is storage platform, Supplies are kept here and the processes of desalination and seawater electrolysis are carried out here. No matter the change of outside, the balance system will keep the inner accommodation platforms stable.

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