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Ouroboros Pavilion

Zindagi Mavani
United States

Check out the music piece by clicking the link below:

Artist- Michael Kobrin
Understanding the Music
The music piece starts with calm notes, which gives one the feeling of being in the nature away from the world, just like the beginning of life for the first time on earth. At the same time there is no direction of as to where it might lead one further in the journey.
As one peels off the different layers of the music there is a realization of repetition of the same notes with addition of multiple layers of high notes. At a specific interval of time there is a subtle break and then there is again addition of the new notes to the melody.
The entire piece has the base notes to which different yet harmonic notes are added. Every time there is an addition of new notes, one can feel getting energized and enthusiastic. As it reaches towards the climax one can feel the speed and tension within. And yet the piece ends with the exact same notes with what it started.
On listening to the piece again and again it will give one the feeling of never-ending cycle. It also evokes the feeling of first life and the drama towards the end- just like the journey of any living being’s life. The never-ending cycle of life: OUROBOROS. This is an ancient creature (a snake and sometimes a dragon) which is seen to be eating its own tail.
Throughout the world and history, it has held different meaning and symbols, yet it all comes down to a similar meaning. A person’s life can be broken down into different layers and with the addition of each layer a person adds a new self to who they were before going through that layer / experience. Each passing stage makes an impact in the upcoming layer of their life and ultimately it ends in the spiritual world from where one had come.
Every life on the earth starts with water as the base element and then the other elements are added. Air, fire, water, and earth. Apart from their physical connectivity to human life and survival these elements hold intangible meanings to our lives. Air represents intellect and connection to universal life force. Fire is a representation of energy, a transformation tool, and inner strength. Water symbolizes intuition along with inner reflection of oneself. Earth represents foundation of life as well as connection to life path and family roots.
Combining the above two aspects into one and expressing it through architecture gives rise to a space that is connected to the cosmic science, history, and pleasant feeling of music.
The pavilion is built with earth (brick walls) with water in the center, the walls are spaced taking into consideration the notes of the music and the experiences of a person with the breaks being open representing air. The central part of the journey is a layer for one to rest and get together with others and rest from their uphill journey.
One can feel the repetition in the walls and open spaces, yet it is different from any of the previous layer. It is an addition just like the music piece of Michael Kobrin.

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