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Nisrina Dewi Salsabila, Najlaa Taqiyyah Syahirani & Nabila Vandhya Bachtiar

Transit Oriented Development in Dukuh Atas Sudirman has connected people from peripheral areas outside Jakarta such as Depok, Citayam, and Bogor to access the capital city. Commuter Line Sudirman Station, Dukuh Atas MRT Station, Transjakarta Tosari Stop, and BNI City Airport Train Station that surround this TOD area. This attracts many young people to gather around in some spots and causes a temporary and unplanned event called “Citayam Fashion Week”, where young people hang around and do a fashion show by crossing the zebra cross. In addition, Dukuh Atas Sudirman has become one of the urban public spaces in the city where the infrastructure is needed to be maintained correctly for a healthy and livable city, and this includes the needs of public toilets in the area.

Relating this issue to public toilet infrastructure in Indonesia, public toilet infrastructures are difficult to find in public places. Not only are they difficult to find in public places, but public toilets in Indonesia are also usually inadequate or not kept clean. It is due to the habit of the Indonesian people using water to clean themselves after defecating, so the toilet condition is often found in wet and humid conditions.

As a transitional area that does not accommodate places for gathering, people hardly find a free and accessible public toilet in Dukuh Atas Sudirman since people generally move or pass to change modes of transportations. When a temporary unplanned event occurs such as Citayam Fashion Week, the area transforms into a pause space where the area attracts crowds. The needs of public toilets arise since people might use toilets in the stations which require them to pay to access them, or bathroom at the nearest supermarket, which produced a snaking queue.

We present a solution to create a portable public toilet from this phenomenon. With the Citayam Fashion Week phenomenon having subsided, another phenomenon might also appear in other areas. Therefore, we use pop-up as our keyword in designing the toilet to accommodate the need for public toilet infrastructure everywhere. We designed our public restrooms so they could be assembled easily as a quick response to the emergence of other phenomena.

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