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Lee Cheng Wei

Shifting boundary
During the period of new corona pneumonia, the appearance of interpersonal interaction has quietly changed. How to increase the resilience of cities, people and people, architecture and architecture, public and semi-public is a new life model.

The boundaries of the residential space can be dynamically adjusted according to the required social distance, and the semi-outdoor space is also like a partial extension of the home and the city. Indoor and outdoor spaces can create a semi-public. semi-outdoor community spaces and home balconies are closely related to cities, communities and people. Although people need to maintain social distancing, they can still feel the vitality and connection in the community. The outdoor provides a space where people and plants coexist, as well as the possibilities of various life styles. In the face of the impact and restrictions of the epidemic, the flexible and flexible space design provides residents with the function of enjoying completeness and quality of life.

Membrane structure as a form of spatial structure can be traced back to ancient humans using wood to build a structural skeleton, covering it with animal skins or straw mats, and fixing them on the ground with ropes or stones to build simple houses.

Membrane buildings are mainly supported by skeletons and cables, and the membrane only plays a role of enclosure. The cladding in the original building relies on the mutual coordination of the track shape and structure to maintain the stability of the tension structure.When needed, the entirety can slide out along the track within a few minutes to create an indoor space, so that the building can be transformed into different spatial forms under different conditions to meet diversified functional requirements.
The living space can be changed to a special purpose according to the needs of the residents under the flexible use design. When the number of households is small, it can be adjusted to an appropriate living space to reduce living expenses and energy consumption; on the contrary, if it is a large family, it can also increase the area of rooms and public spaces, which can be flexibly adjusted to a unique residence.
The movable translucent compartment on the wall can be adjusted according to the nature of the balcony to increase privacy. It can also be used to block sunlight, strong wind and rain to make the living space more comfortable.

The concept of lifting the overall space design creates enough space for activities on the ground floor, which can also provide a place for passage and activities in rainy days. The ground floor is a public space, and the public space generated by the roofs of each floor is used by the community. These spaces provide residents with various outdoor and indoor communication spaces.The space design with a two-story building as a unit also increases the interoperability between residents, allowing neighbors to have more opportunities for communication and mutual assistance. The balcony has become a transitional space between people and nature.

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