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Retreat Center

JeongGyo Yoon, JunHwan Kim & SuMin Park
South Korea

We approached the constructed environment and nature under the integrated theme of 'Raw thing'. ‘Raw thing’ is the only way to approach the essence, and it was intended to achieve the purpose of healing through facing it alone.
Among the various surrounding environments, nature is a awe-inspiring being, such as vastness and grandeur, but the healing given by nature is still difficult to feel in modern cities. That's why we humans crave nature more than anyone else.

Site Selection:
First, the conditions for our team's land selection should have been a place that was located close to nature and induces appreciation. Second, it had to be a place with diversity. New appearances are created according to changes in time or season, and it was intended to induce healing in the relationship between the changing nature and the lasting structure.
As a result, the place of Grasmere in England, Alcock tarn, was derived.

The trekking course, which started in a small quiet village called Grasmere, climbed the slope, and returned across the Alcock tarn, was very attractive. As you walk along the existing trail, you will encounter various landscapes, and finally, the distant beauty of the distant landscape seen from the summit and the beauty of the near-sight are judged to be the best place.
First, in a macroscopic analysis, Lake District of England adopts a way of adapting to nature. Rather than indiscriminate development, it recognized the value of nature and allowed only minimal intervention.
Therefore, rather than the splendor and grandeur centered on high-tech, we tried to create various spaces viewed from various perspectives through differences in visual height according to the slope created by nature.
In addition, it can be seen that stone walls made of clay rock exist side by side along the lake, and instead of excluding stone walls, they chose to accept stone walls and fuse the nature of stone walls with raw ones.
Ultimately, just as stones and stones piled up and served as a guide for pedestrians, the buildings we wanted to design also wanted to be reborn as a shelter for travelers and a place inspired by dreamers.

Design Program Details:
By assigning the hierarchy of the natural environment and buildings, simple mass was placed in contrast to the various appearances created by nature.
He tried not to lose his diversity by giving space variation through the moderation of opening and closing in a simple mass.
As a result, it was intended to be an open space for everyone due to the strong nature of the shelter.
We tried to capture the environment of nature in the built environment no matter where we go, and language appears as breathing in the mediocre space created by the relationship between the variable appearance of nature and the raw architecture.
Chapter 1:In a silent atmosphere, only light, sky, and structure exist. Light and sky are highly variable, so they come in new shapes every moment..
Chapter 2:The frame-shaped architecture was inspired by theborrowedscenery of Eastern architecture. The building itself becomes a frame, and it looks down at the village that has passed through the long wind and induces tranquility.
Chapter 3:Finally, the last space you face is where you can enjoy private contemplation between the raw wall and the roof, and the low-open opening aims to appreciate the long view and heal through reflection.

I hope that it will be a space where each of us can unravel our own stories and regain stability and positivity in our conversations.

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