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Rhythm Of Happiness

Betul Ozlem Yimaz

Art is ranging from many fields and encapsulates other disciplines which is related to design; especially architecture starts to discover its spatial solutions with space analysis and factors from abstract motion of lines, shapes or surfaces. In the first step, the basic language for every designer has been used to define the design principles with abstract way to give its own identity in the project completely. Therefore, the abstract design style is very significant factor to be analyzed and using as reference to design related disciplines.
Abstract design style creates a soul to a project with its own characteristics, space definifions and concept. For analysis of basic design principles of abstract design, from my perspective, three-dimensional thinking is critical. For this reason, I made a concept model for discovering space analysis with abstract design style, using design principles according to the concept. For making a model of an idea, I formed a concept from a film which is called ‘Amélie’ and inspired from the film’s famous music ‘La valse d'Amélie’ by Yann Tiersen. The concept behind this music is what gives me the emotion of ‘happiness’ and I want to emphasize in the 3D-model.
First of all, the conceptual study forms out the analysis of rhythmic ups and downs in the song and the first part of the song includes notes with a rhythm of ‘allegro’ which is a lively tempo. To emphasize allegro, the model starts with one centered module with a combination of lines and triangular surfaces. In these surfaces, monochromatic color scheme of purple is used because purple is giving the song’s mood of energy. In my design approach, I firstly used in darker shade to lighted shade transmitted to multi-centered design according to rhythm. After the allegro tempo, the song transfers into repetition and to refer this, same form is used but more surfaces of planars gives the identity of the song’s transmission into other stylistic rhythm. After the repetition, the song has the higher level of expression with ‘accelerando’ and it gives the absolute form of happiness at the end. To refer in an abstract approach, while the sound notes are gradually faster, the modules become multi-centered and including more surfaces of purple with lighter tint.
In conclusion, the song itself is a complete joy to be discovered; and making it in an abstract design helps to analyze and combine the two art aspects; music and abstract design in one perspective. Design should be created with analyzing abstract feeling of the content and according to concept, everything is regulated through design in abstract design principles. In my conceptual study, it was the ride toward happiness with a joyful song, and it forms the module with unity, balance, variation and rhythm.

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