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Round House

Gyu Jin Kim, Da Som Park & Seung Seon Kang

I'm thirsty.......
I should drink the water I saved last night.
I think I can wash and drink this water for at least two days.
Although water gathers constantly from internal and external purifying rainwater systems, it is nice to see this amount that I barely use in a day by collecting it all the time.

After drinking water, I went out and saw large buildings that were built 100 years ago. After the desertification, there is no means of receiving water, so it is impossible to live in such a place, but sometimes I go up and look at the surrounding landscape.

As resources became run out due to global warming and environmental problems, countries fought for resources, and instead of acquiring resources, they self-destructed, and the earth became a huge desert without the current concept of a country.

The water quickly dried up, and people left the city one by one and began to wander around the world looking for water. Now, I should stop by the station and get some food and information.

After tidying up the surroundings, I went inside the house to reposition the structures that were supporting the house.

As moving constantly, I continue to search for possible water sources, but they are still nowhere to be found.

I was hungry, so I rotated the inside to bring the food warehouse down. I picked up the potatoes in the box and rotated the inside again to bring down the kitchen. After baking potatoes to fill my stomach and worrying about various things, I moved to the docking station. A lot of people gather at the station because it is a place where drinkable water is stored, food is grown and exchanged for goods. In exchange for food, I brought some books from the urban area. With this, I do not need to worry about food for a few days.

Going to the lounge, people were talking and exchange information. They said water cannot be seen from the north and northeast. Comparing the direction I cam from, I should go west. I said good-bye to the people and went home. Now that I have food and information, I have to start looking for water again.

Looking at the gauge, I found the wastewater tank is almost full.
Along the way, I'll take out the sewer and spray it in the desert. I don't know when it will be, but this manure might make the land green again. It's already dark as I follow the direction. I have to save solar energy that I have stored during the day, so I should get ready to sleep early today. I'm going to stretch the structure again and fix it to the ground before I wrap it up for one day.

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