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Satan’s Candy

Jiaheng Xu

When I initially received the audio file, the music I chose was "Epic Hollywood Trailer," which resonated with me due to its heavy percussion, loudness, and frightening atmosphere. The steady flow of emotions seemed to lead me down a dark tunnel, enveloped in a sense of gloom and terror that only I could experience while listening to music through my headphones. Passersby on the street probably assumed I was simply enjoying the music.

The song commences with two drumbeats, followed by a solitary drumbeat and then a crescendo featuring four instruments. This is followed by a second, more intense crescendo that abruptly stops, leading into the most intense part of the composition. By this point, five instruments have been introduced, and the section concludes with a sequence of three progressive drumbeats. Towards the end of this section, I felt as if I were emerging from a dark cave, followed by two drumbeats, reminiscent of stepping onto grass, and then a sequence of brighter sounds. As I listened to the music, my emotions were dominated by darkness and terror, as if I had embarked on an unknown horror experience.

My design concept is inspired by this song and its flow. The objective is to create an atmosphere of "frozen music." The rooftop garden symbolizes a departure from the mainstream, offering a sense of enlightenment and a breath of fresh air. Apart from the rooftop garden, the rest of the journey consists of a maze of staircases and high walls, evoking feelings of desperation and powerlessness. The only source of light within the tower emanates from an aperture in the roof, allowing natural light to filter in. The circular pattern creates the impression of an amusement park, but only those who encounter it will truly understand the experience.

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