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Scary Forest Show Field

Han Ruobing

Artist SergeQuadrado's music creates the terror of the forest. Such terror comes from the darkness, and the lack of direction heightens the listener's senses. Any small natural event is picked up by the listener, such as the wind, animal noises, and footsteps.

The Forest of Terror show field abstracts the atmosphere of the music. Each pillar is like a tree in the forest, and these trees are more like frozen emotions. The model would walk through the terror like a forest creature looming in the dark. The audience stands in the center of the show, looking for models among the endless pillars. Both the show design and the interaction design are closely interpreted around SergeQuadrado's music.

SCARY FOREST SHOW FIELD is circular in whole, with 5 paths for models to walk on, distributed in concentric circles. The show center of the auditorium has five layers, also in concentric circles. The columns are randomly distributed around these concentric circles. If the whole show is regarded as a gravitational field, the audience is the center of gravity.

Concentric circles have a sense of mystery, while the sense of extension and borderless circular ground is stronger. Artist SergeQuadrado's music gives the impression that gravity is falling. Concentric circles can be used to express the mood of the piece. Moreover, models walking along concentric circles bring a sense of weirdness, which can enhance the audience's sense of immersion and facilitate the observation of models' positions.

SCARY FOREST SHOW FIELD features more than 80 columns in different shapes, which are designed after SergeQuadrado's music. Each piece of music adds a burst element to the base tone, like the varying thickness of the column. These changing columns are combined by density and placed in the space to create countless small spaces of different shapes, enhancing the dark and mysterious character.

Traditional buildings generally have six solid faces, but SCARY FOREST SHOW FIELD uses the sky as the top face of the building, and the pillars as the four facades of the building, leaving only the circular underside for supporting the building. The borderless effect is enhanced by the addition of fog.

The real horror forest is in the human heart. The loss of self often makes people experience internal friction. The building is not only a visualization of the scary forest music but also a space for spiritual salvation. The audience is looking for models and also looking for themselves. No matter how noisy life sounds, this space will bring peace to the audience.

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