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Second Discovery

Ekaterina Volkova

The Area Plan proposes a structure where the natural ecosystem creates a starting point for further development of the industrial area.We've gotten used to the idea that industrial areas, are alienated and non-green lands that have a detached script and are not really woven into the fabric of the city.It is time to "explode" the familiar landscape of industrial areas with an unusual combination: production + nature. Where production not only does not harm, but also supports the local ecosystem and "refreshes" the urban location.
The area being considered is located in New Plymouth, Taranaki District, New Zealand. In the past - one of the country's powerful industrial centres due to its close proximity to oil resources.To this day, the area's development strategy aims to redefine the core of production processes and breathe new energy into the grey area.It involves the functional replacement of existing structures: 5 oil tanks, a power plant building and a chimney. 3 out of the 5 oil tanks are occupied by a wildlife hospital to protect and support local flora and fauna.The 2 remaining tanks will accommodate an eco-production facility for recycling waste, which in turn will provide energy for the area under consideration.On the outside, the surface of all oil tanks keeps their original industrial aesthetic.The 98 meters chimney will provide an observation platform from where the breathtaking surroundings can be viewed. The former power station building will be occupied by a community center, allowing visitors to learn about Maori culture and take part in local activities.In front of the community center a town square is organized for meetings and local events. A large free recreational space will serve as a unifying factor for the area.It will include an endemic forest, unrestricted access to the shoreline and an opportunity to view marine life without invading it.For this purpose, portholes in the square and a boat hire station have been set up.
The balance between environment, development and economics, without compromising on any of the components, makes it possible to breathe new life into everyday life and refresh the view of boring things, as well as harmoniously integrate the public, the environment and the power of production.

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