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Seek and See

Fuxia Zhuang

As the saying goes in Lun Heng Bie Tong: "A man is blind if he cannot see the colour green or yellow". The visually impaired are a group of people who are groping for life in the dark and searching for the meaning of existence.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about visual impairment? Blind fortune-telling? Blind massage? How will sighted visitors feel after they have removed their vision? What is the sensory world of a blind person like? What is the feeling of shock when encountering danger on the road?

The exhibition takes their daily life as its content, and uses spatial experiential design to construct and create a sensorial experience of blindness for sighted visitors, by reducing or even not using lighting to weaken the visual function of visitors. --Simulate the perspective of blindness when facing difficulties, and enhance other multi-sensorial experience, such as touch, sound, smell, and taste. This will enable sighted visitors to experience and perceive the sensory world of the blind, thereby achieving the goal of understanding the difficulties faced by the blind, eliminating public discrimination and prejudice against the blind, and promoting social inclusion and equality.

Steel truss structure: no column network, no load-bearing wall, high degree of freedom in the layout of the exhibition hall.
Floor height: 6.8m: Enriching the design of the exhibition hall with sufficient floor height.
Area of exhibition hall: 980m²
Auxiliary space: 237m²; two fire staircases, ensuring that the evacuation distance from any location within the 150m metre exhibition line is no more than 20m.
Indoor environment: no natural light, artificial lighting is used.

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