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Serenely Therapeutic Oblivion

Rui Wang

The design seeks to explore the relationship between architecture and human senses, as well as the conditions in the space that have a positive impact on the senses. The concept of the scheme comes from " Lost in nature, Immersed into meditation”. Water and mountains run through the building. Most of the building is Under the surface of the water, while the mountain can be seen inside the building.

The design explores the space with different sensory influences based on the five human senses. The architectural senses are constructed through aromatherapy, architectural structures and scale, interior light and colour as well as materials, movement lines and environments. Special sensory experience is guided through the influence of space on the senses, so that people can calm down in a series of Spaces, contact with nature, interact, trigger thinking, forget pain, aromatherapy, and look into the distance. Designed to create a healing architectural sensory experience.

1-Entrance - hidden views and architecture, the sound of the wind blowing leaves, birdsong, the faint scent of tulips, a swirling water feature walk, a striking fountain, pure space. Quiet, isolated, relaxed, calmed down

2-Main floor - light pours in through the large glass windows in the top and walls. The whole space becomes serene and warm. The table tops in the activity area are flush with the water so that you can look up and see the mountains in the distance and reflections in the water, and the small openings in the reading area on the first floor allow you to concentrate. Warmth, reflection, communication

3-Aromatic Plant Area - Walking downwards, the visual line gradually drops below the water. The view fades into the distance. A vague view of the essential oil room where the oils are being refined. Passing through the aromatic garden. The tree trunks pass through the roof slab. Thus the light of the sky is introduced, the sound of the wind blowing the leaves and the water is accompanied by the fragrance of lavender. Relaxed, ecological and peaceful

4-The essential oil laboratory - extensively illuminated with sky light. The open space makes it easier to be seen. People are encouraged to get involved.

5-The atrium area - across an open pathway, the eye is focused on the central inverted triangular patio, with light pouring in from all sides. The water flows down from the patio. The soothing sounds of the piano come in. Sitting down, one unconsciously begins the activity of positive thinking, forgetting the glamour of the world, forgetting painful experiences, and the audio-visual room helps one to remember the past. Calm, isolation, reflection

6-The aromatherapy area - through the tunnel, the first glimpse of strong light and the revolving staircase, the faintest glimpse of the mountains and the river in the distance, the oil spa room offers more private aromatherapy, the aromatherapy room on the upper level through the staircase can receive aromatherapy and exchange aromatic knowledge, the view of the river and the mountains through the glass is calming, and there is a walkway to the viewing pavilion over the river.

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