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Space Shifter Landship

Sukriti Duggal, Tanushka Bagga

“Beauty perishes in life, but is immortal in art” - Leonardo da Vinci

The design proposal serves as a space enabling connection and separation of private and office spaces and past and future. The form chosen resembles an oval and a conch. The space is brought to life with interaction of work spaces and living spaces allowing contact of each family member with one another at all times. A simple oval structure enhances the feeling of individuality and uniqueness as well as pushing boundaries while respecting and honoring our past and traditions.

The continuity of oval shape affects our mind positively and improves our emotions and well-being. The connection with surroundings makes us feel close to nature while being in a world full of technology and gives us a sense of calmness and refreshes our inner energy. Being near the river allows soothing fresh air and spectacular view combined with the sense of tranquility, movement and the continuous cycle of life.

Professional background of user
In order to create our futuristic home proposal, we would like to introduce our users and their professional background.
A digital library space is provided with a few traditional touches in Block-B to separate the space from private living area while providing work from home environment for the research.
A robotic office room has been provided on ground floor in Block-B to allow heavy equipment if any to be transferred easily as well as giving space to work from home and conduct virtual meetings.
With fast changing technology the time is not far when the students will be able to choose subjects according to their choice of professions thus our client’s daughter is supposed to be interested in remixing various types of media and requires proper educational space for that thus we have provided the media study room with special media equipment.
The site is located on the banks of the river Mulamutha in Pune by Chandrashekhar Agashe Path near Shaniwar Wada. (Latitude-18.520527, Longitude-73.85125)

 The design aims to be net zero design with combination of utilization of solar and wind power. The site has rainwater harvesting for the use in small farm for fresh and organic foods. It contains 20 solar panels and 2 rotating windmills to comply with the energy demands of the building.
 As soon as we enter the Block-A we are reminded of our roots by the sculpture of God Ganesh which holds great significance in Maharashtrian culture. The interior courtyard is open to sky with retractable skylight which allows hot air to rise above and cool air to enter from various fenestrations which is derived from The Wada Architecture famous in traditional residences in Maharashtra which was a large building of two or more storey with groups of rooms arranged around open courtyards. The ground floor is kept for guests to allow separation of sleeping areas to upper floors as well as allowing better views of river.
 The semi luxury house has various areas like online gaming room, indoor gaming room, V.R. room, antique room and keeping in mind the necessity of physical health the gym room.
 The roof has solar panels where retractable roof panel is placed which make it space shifting. The observant sees a spaceship shape building on the land when observing thus the name landship.
 Green garden at every floor reminds us of the deep-rooted connection of human to nature. Flying car would be an important addition which our design welcomes with open mind thus the part of roof is movable allowing easy access to the upper floor parking.
 We have given charging ports in parking which will be required to charge electric cars also the entire space has been designed keeping in mind the usage of smart devices which will be a part of everyone’s lifestyle in the coming future.

Building Materials
I. Titanium Nanoparticle Paint
The concrete skin of the building is coated with titanium nanoparticles whose surface sucks CO2 out of air which is easily washed away by rain.
II. Aluminum Retractable Roof
The larger building (Block-A) has a retractable roof made of aluminum panels and polycarbonate.
III. Carbon rods
Carbon rods are used as an alternative to steel rods since they have more strength than steel rods and seem like the material of the future.

‘’The future of architecture is a frenetic whirlwind of experimentation and a reevaluation of long-accepted habits.’’
And we hope to be a part of this journey.

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